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Woody McKenzie, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
School of Education and Human Development
Lynchburg College

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Senior Symposium Lecture, February 9, 2009: Darwin, Evolution, Genetics, Genetic Engineering

Originally from the coalfields in southern West Virginia, Dr. McKenzie came
to Lynchburg College in 1998. He spent two years prior at the Department of
Chemistry and Physics at Radford University teaching Physical Science. He has
also taught in public schools at the Southwest Virginia Governor's School
(Chemistry and Biology) and at Alleghany High School (Biology). In addition, Dr. McKenzie
has a wide variety of employment/experience related to science education, including
research and industrial chemical labs, the U S Forest Service, and as a graduate assistant
in academic settings.

Degrees and Certifications

Professional Interests/Research

Dr.McKenzie is interested in science education reform and the effective use of technology as a tool for learning. His dissertation "Investigative Learning in an Undergraduate Biology Laboratory: an Investigation into Reform in Science Education" may be viewed at Electronic Dissertation.

He is also Director for Lynchburg College's Master of Education in Science Education program, which is taught both on the Lynchburg College campus and at the Claytor Nature Study Center.

Another interest: Concept Maps: a Tool for Learning

Information on Courses Taught

SCIE 101/102- Principles of Science

Latest project-- the 102 class studies College Lake!

View a Powerpoint Presentation of the Claytor Nature Center spring field trips!

Take a look at some pictures of activities that happen in class!

Look at some pictures of critters from the forest soil ecosystem study!

This course is an integrated approach to the study of science through the study of some of the major underlying principles in science. An emphasis will be placed on science as a way of knowing. Investigations in the context of real world examples will occur during laboratories. For example, Newton's laws of motion and gravity which predict the behavior of objects on Earth and in space can be actively investigated in the laboratory setting. The course will use a mix of traditional lectures, demonstrations, classroom-based discussions, email journals, information access via technology, laboratory investigations, tests (both written and performance-based), and self-evaluations. The second semester of this course will focus on principles of science focused more in the context of complex issues which require scientific literacy.


This course has been recognized as one of the model courses for SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities), a strategic initiative to promote and sustain large-scale, durable, institutionalized science education reform.


HDVL 422: Workshop for Science/Math Teaching

This course will offer prospective teachers a chance to explore various methods of science and math
teaching as well as engage them in important issues related to teaching and learning.
Active learning in a social context will be practiced. Learning about the nature of science and the concept

of numeracy from both the teacher's and the learner's perspective will be accomplished through activities
and investigations that can be subsequently transformed into curricula. Current trends in science/math
education reform will be addressed. Alternative/authentic assessment will be practiced. Students
will gain hands-on experience with technology in the classroom/lab. Safety issues will be
covered. Promoting lifelong learners is a goal that will be encouraged through portfolio assessment
(including self-assessment). Designing and assessing integrated math/science units will be a major activity. Other
student-initiated topics will be covered, depending on time.


Take a look at some pictures of activities that happen in class!

Woody and his wife Marcia are the proud parents of a son and daughter currently in high school. Both he and Marcia are singer/songwriters and enjoy folk music. They regularly perform at concerts and play at local square and contra dances in the area. A former fire lookout for the forest Service, Woody also enjoys the outdoors and hiking in the mountains with his dogs.

at 434-544-8480 or 8383 or via E-mail at mckenzie@lynchburg.edu

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